We are known for our finest Tailoring services that we provide to our customers globally. The process includes the matching, cutting patterns, skins cutting, stitching, finishing & shipping out the garments as per our clients’ SOP’s. Our Scope includes.

  • Matching
  • Cutting
  • Leather skins and cutting
  • Stitching
  • Finishing
  • Packaging and shipping


Before we cut a leather skin / hide, we take incredible care in choosing every skin / hide for each jacket. We have skilled leather craftspeople with years of experience that make sure that every part of every jacket is cut from a skin / hide that matches in color, grain, & texture. This detail differentiates our jackets and makes them stand out from those made in other factories.


The leathers and fabrics are cut using expertly made patterns to ensure quality and consistency with all of our jackets. The fabrics can be cut in a stack using printed patterns on paper, but the raw leather hides are cut by hand one piece at a time using heavy laser-cut plastic patterns.


Leather cutting is an incredibly complex art form using just a razor blade. The hides are crafted one at a time by highly trained cutters with years of experience. The cutters know the variations of the strength of the skin on each area of the hide so they can cut each piece precisely to maximize quality, remove imperfections, and yield the least waste


Next up, details like top stitching, sewing the jacket around all sides to give a crisp clean edge, and attaching zippers and pulls are started. Like every step so far, this is highly detailed work focusing on quality and durability, ensuring your jacket will last for years to come.


At Y & Sons Finishing Department, we make up the jackets to the best of their looks and styles, the garments or goods received from Stitching department are processed for finishing, the final stage, which includes the cleaning, cropping, waxing & washing, ironing, buttoning, eyeleting, & others. The final garments are then checked for quality & passed on to packaging departments for packaging & shipping to our valued customers worldwide.


Leather Garment’s / Goods received from Finishing Departments are now packed in cartons & handed over to the relevant forwarding companies (Sea, Air) for onward shipping to our valued clients at their desired ports / warehouses.